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 Mar 31, 20213 weeks ago

FREZITE@Connect Platform

In an increasingly digital world, FREZITE invested in a platform to facilitate its interaction with the customer. Through FREZITE@connect the customer can access the history of products already purchased, drawings, quality reports; request for new quotations and access to previous ones, manage orders, the current payments account and eventual complaints. Information at the reach of a click and that can be search on a PC or a mobile phone.

 Mar 22, 20211 month ago

SERI increases capacity

At the beginning of the year SERI, a company that has been part of the FREZITE Group since 2018, increased its machine park and consequently its production capacity with the integration of the Micron subsidiary at its facilities in Vila do Conde.

 Mar 3, 20211 month ago

FHP involved in reflector for an Earth Observation satellite

FHP - Frezite High Performance is participating in the manufacture of the carbon tubes that is part of the structure of a large reflector, supported by an arm that can fly on the next Copernicus mission. It is a folding structure weighing 42 kilos and measuring about six meters developed - from materials to engineering - entirely by European countries. An investment of half a million euros with launch scheduled for 2026. At stake is Europe's independence in terms of Earth observation.

 Feb 3, 20212 months ago

FREZITE and the Energy Sustainability

The PSEM - Mobile Energy Sustainability Project, formed by a group of Students from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST Lisbon - Portugal) develops highly efficient electric vehicles. This team participates and has been achieving recognition and awards in the Greenpower Challenge, an international competition created to challenge young students and some companies to invest in the development of sustainable vehicles for the future. The PSEM has the support of FREZITE in the execution of its prototypes.

 Jan 6, 20213 months ago

Discover the Calendar 2021

In a Changing World, a Yellow Print, was the motto chosen for the FREZITE Group's 2021 calendar. Yellow, the colour of FREZITE, signals the Group's global presence, a positive stimulus in a context of great uncertainty. Energise yourself following the yellow! FREZITE, your partner!

 Jan 4, 20213 months ago

FHP Introduces New Website

FHP - Frezite High Performance, a company of the Group acting in the space area, has a new website. From products to services, career opportunities and company news, you will find the information in a very intuitive way. Navigate in the new space in: