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 Jul 30, 200914 years ago

 Mar 12, 200915 years ago

The BPP and the rich...

Today we are living in a climate of unimaginable turbulence and uncertainty due to an unprecedented crisis in the financial system with severe consequences for the world economy and the quality of life of citizens, particularly of those who are most active and most involved in the economy itself.
Expresso, March 2009

 Mar 3, 200915 years ago

Frezite expands its business

The mechanical engineering group will expand its business areas to avoid the crisis.
Frezite, a group specialising in production and sale of precision tools, is responding to the global economic slowdown by strengthening their innovation, which will soon make it possible to launch a new business area, Frezite Drilling.
Diário Económico, 3rd of March 2009

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