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 Jun 14, 20213 years ago

FREZITE featured in a business magazine

In June it was the turn of the FREZITE Group to be highlighted in a business magazine. Published monthly by AICEP - the Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade, the magazine Portugal Global provides information on markets, companies, internationalisation, and investment with specialised information on current economic and business issues.

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 May 10, 20213 years ago

FREZITE Portuguese engineering recognized worldwide

In May, GOLD, a German company that is part of the FREZITE Group, was the subject of an article in HK magazine, one of the most prestigious publications for the wood and furniture industries in Germany. The magazine is published bimonthly, mainly in German speaking countries such as Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg, but is worldwide distributed.


 Apr 18, 20213 years ago

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